Stadium Modernization




Completed Stadium Modernization Includes:

  • Brand new seats in the lower and upper levels of the stadium
  • Reconfigured lower-level with seats moving closer to the action
  • Several unique premium seating & club options for fans, businesses and families
  • Improved food and enhanced concourses in the 100/300 Levels
  • Multiple new seating products and experiences
  • 4 high-definition state-of-the-art video boards located in each corner of the stadium
  • 1,472-inch screens in each corner of the new stadium
  • High-definition picture positioned for easy sightlines for every fan
  • All-new improved audio system
  • New LED system from Ephesus Lighting
  • First-of-its-kind fiber optic system
  • Improved surface light levels, reduced glare, and significant energy savings
  • 300 level patio bars with field views beneath all four video boards
  • Open-air canopy
    • Shade and protection from the elements that will shade more than 92% of the seats
    • Ample sunlight to allow for a natural grass field
  • Renovation to the 200 level (2017)
  • Brand new suites (2017)




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