Seating Revisions



  • The Participating Team Quadrants are located on the North half of the Stadium, as well as both the East and West End Zones.
  • The Stadium has a revised section numbering sequence – CLICK HERE to view the Capital One Orange Bowl Seating and Pricing Chart.
  • Three (3) sections (145, 146, 147) spanning the middle three sections on the South Sideline of the Lower Level have been transformed into the 72 Club with included high-end amenities.
    • Dolphins Season Ticket Holders are provided the first right of refusal for Capital One Orange Bowl games in this seating category
  • The Premium seating areas which include the 72 Club, 72 Club Living Room Boxes, and Field Club will be offered, based on demand and availability, to Capital One Orange Bowl Patrons in the late fall of 2016 on a one (1) year upgrade opportunity basis - CLICK HERE to view the premium seating amenities.

Implications for Upper Level Corner End Zone Seating

As a result of the installation of the four (4) high-definition video boards located in each corner in the upper level of the stadium, and open patios beneath all four video boards all Upper Level Corner End Zone Patrons are impacted. Additionally, the teams for a Capital One Orange Bowl receive 5,000 more tickets than for a College Football Playoff Semifinal. This has led to a necessary adjustment of the seat locations for these Capital One Orange Bowl Patrons.

CLICK HERE to view the new Capital One Orange Bowl Seating and Pricing Chart

Capital One Orange Bowl Patrons, who in prior years had upper level corner end zone seats, will see a “DEPOSIT” on their invoice in the Upper Sideline price category. Patrons have been assigned the same number of “DEPOSITS” as purchased for last year’s bowl game.  Specific locations will be assigned in the fall.

Upper Level Corner End Zone Seat Assignment

  • All Patrons who had prior seat locations in the Upper Level Corner End Zone price category will be relocated to the Upper Level Sideline.
  • Relocation for Upper Level Corner End Zone Patrons is based on section (i.e., those with seats closest to the sidelines are being seated first). Within each section, priority is based on consecutive tenure as an annual Orange Bowl Ticket Patron.
  • The OBC Ticket Office is relocating Patrons starting with those sections closest to the sidelines working towards sections that were located in the end zone.
  • Each Patron has the opportunity to accept their new Upper Level seating option or inquire about other seating options.
  • For more information please contact the Orange Bowl Committee Ticket Services department at (305) 341-4701 or




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