Added Value Benefits



1. Savings

  • Save $15 on Orange Lot parking by purchasing by the renewal deadline.
  • By purchasing early, patrons in select categories will save up to $10 per ticket compared to those that purchase once the teams are announced.

2. Upgrades and Add-Ons

  • Capital One Orange Bowl Patrons receive the first opportunity to upgrade and/or add tickets to their accounts, based on availability.
  • During the renewal process we will note your interest in upgraded seating, additional seats, or both. Once the renewal process concludes you will be contacted with various options.
  • The Orange Bowl Ticket Sales and Services Department is happy to discuss options in all seating categories and areas. Please contact the Orange Bowl Ticket Sales and Services Department with any questions, (305) 341-4701 or

3. Lock in your seats for the future:

  • 2017 Capital One Orange Bowl – December 30th
  • 2018 College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl – December 31st
  • Big Ten Conference, Southeastern Conference or Notre Dame will be matched against the ACC Champion for all Capital One Orange Bowl Games
  • The Orange Bowl will continue to host a College Football Playoff Semifinal every three years – the next Semifinal is December 31, 2018




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Ticket Brokers are not eligible for this offer. Tickets purchased with this offer shall not be re-sold. Tickets found to be re-sold may be subject to cancellation.


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