Capital One Orange Bowl Premium Seating






Field Club Box

  • Comfort: Watch the game in comfort and style with more leg space and wider seats all in your own personal recliner.
  • Amazing View: You can’t get much closer than this; you are literally on the field with the best seat in the house.
  • Field Level Club: Get exclusive access to one of the top private spaces in sports

72 Club & 72 Club Living Room Boxes

  • Amazing Sightline: With seats between the 35 yards, the view doesn’t get much better.
  • Exclusive Access: With the 72 Club you will get access to one of the best experiences in sports
  • Watch The Game in Style: Enjoy plush chairs to maximize your comfort, just like watching the game from home



Executive Suites


  • Luxury: Get access to upscale amenities like plush seats, flat screens, and an enhanced menu.
  • Privacy: Bring your home living room to a football game, with a suite you control your environment and provide your guest with a unique social experience.
  • Convenience: With in game service, access to parking, and air condition a suite makes your experience that much better.

The Nines

  • High End Comfort: Enjoy wider, more comfortable seats and personal television monitors
  • Privacy: Bring your home living room to a football game, your guest with have a unique social experience while enjoying this open air suite.
  • All inclusive: With the best  food , beer, and wine, all included you don’t even need to take your wallet out of the car, just show up and enjoy the experience.


To inquire about these luxury locations, please contact Javier Sanchez at (305) 341-4701 or email


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