72 Club Living Room Box


72_CLUB-LRB-1Enjoy all the benefits of The 72 Club, but in your own private four-person or six-person box located on the 35-yard line. With literally the biggest most comfortable seats in the house and the ability to watch replays and highlights on your own private screens, these boxes will be unlike any experience you have ever had at a football game.
  • Exclusive Box 4 or 6-person box
  • Exclusive field level access to The 72 Club
  • Premium all-inclusive food and beverage (includes beer, wine and spirits)
  • Complimentary in-seat service
  • Personal Televisions
  • VIP express lane to zoom you in and out of the game
  • Premier Black Card Parking experience
  • 11 inches more legroom and 8 inches wider seats


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72 Club Living Room Box Photos

Premium-Seating_Product-Image_400x267_72ClubLRB Premium-Seating_Product-Image_400x267_72ClubLRB2
Premium-Seating_Product-Image_400x267_72ClubLRB3 Premium-Seating_Product-Image_400x267_72ClubLRB4



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